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The project “Against match fixing – European Research & Education Programme” is implemented by an international consortium. The main goal of the project is conducting research and education activities to prevent the phenomenon of match fixing in football.

The project is financed from European funds under the Erasmus + Sport Programme, which is the main support for the implementation of projects targeted at the sports environment.

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Against match fixing - European Research & Education Programme

Project Assumptions

The project “Against match fixing – European Research & Education Programme” will see international cooperation between eight organisations involved in sport and counteracting match-fixing. It will prepare an innovative training programme based on materials collected, analyses and research. The expected result of the training is to increase knowledge on fixing methods and skills related to assertive responses in such situations among 80% of the participants.

The project will include work of the following four working groups:

Legal Team

The team will conduct an analysis of legal solutions related to counteracting corruption in sport, taking into account national legislation, the rules of league games, as well as bilateral agreements (club-player) in selected countries of the EU, Asia and South America.

Study Team

The team will select and analyse fixing methods. Examples of fixing activities of different countries will be described in the form of case studies.

Research Team

The team will organise and conduct a study to determine the scale of the problem, motivation and the degree of exposure to fixing activities in sport.

Education Team

The team will be responsible for developing educational materials for the mobile application and e-learning courses, and for online training.

An educational platform will be created on which all the results of the project will be shared, including e-learning courses and reports. The results will also be available on the mobile application.

We expect that two conferences will be organised; these will be attended by 160 people, and involve 33 professionals who will organise 14 working meetings, conduct research involving approximately 1,500 respondents, develop five reports with recommendations, create an educational platform that will benefit 50,000 recipients, implement online training for 300 groups of participants, and provide three e-learning courses, which will be completed by 1,000 people.


As the initiator and at the same time the project leader, the Ekstraklasa Foundation invited partners from seven EU countries to cooperate. Partners were carefully selected based on their substantive value and experience in the field of sport.

Ekstraklasa Foundation

The Ekstraklasa Foundation (Warsaw, Poland) is an NGO established in 2010 by the Ekstraklasa S.A., which is responsible for the management of the Polish Professional Football League. In our opinion, our main task is preventing corruption activities and leading educational projects.

National Sports Academy (BUL)

NSA is unique, and is the first higher education institution in Bulgaria with the mission of preparing highly qualified sports specialists for the needs of the sport system and Olympic movement in the country. The sports academy provides education and training programmes through its three faculties – PE, Sport (Coaching) and Kinesiotherapy (Physiotherapy). Through participation in national conferences and international events, NSA teachers, researchers and students promote the place and role of EU sports values for the integrity of the global world of sport.

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Scoop Macedonia

SCOOP Macedonia is a nongovernmental and non-profit organisation aimed to promote, support and stimulate investigative journalism. Its purpose is to support journalists in their everyday work with the financial or professional help they need in order to develop investigative journalism in the country, region, and around the world.

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ESSA Sports Betting Security (BEL)

ESSA is a not-for-profit association representing the sports betting integrity interests of many of the largest licensed and regulated betting operators in the world. ESSA’s principal goal is to protect its members, consumers and partners, such as sports bodies, from potential fraud caused by the unfair manipulation of sporting events and associated betting. ESSA and its members achieve this by identifying and sharing information on suspicious betting patterns on all markets that ESSA members offer 24/7, 365 days a year via a specially designed monitoring and alert platform.

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Centro Universitario Sportivo Palermo (ITA)

The University Sports Center of Palermo – CUS Palermo has a long and meaningful story full of sports activities, records, successes, and events that have taken place over the years. Cus Palermo is a sports association founded in 1947. It is the most important sports centre in southern Italy.

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European Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (FR)

The European Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (EIIR) is a non-profit research organisation based in Paris, having its roots at INSEAD; it is dedicated to the advancement of interdisciplinary research and development of innovation processes in the knowledge-driven economy. EIIR has extensive experience in the analysis and design of policy, economic, organisational and technological infrastructures underpinning the processes of innovation, organisational knowledge and learning capabilities in private and public organisations, and the evolution of state, regional and corporate strategies of innovation, competitiveness and sustainable development.

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Play Fair Code

The Association for Protecting the Integrity in Sport (Play Fair Code) was founded on the initiative of the Austrian Sports Ministry, Austrian Football Association and Austrian Football League. A series of other major sports stakeholders have joined the PFC Play Fair Code since it was founded. These include the Austrian Federal Sports Organisation, Austrian Olympic Committee, Austrian Ski Federation, the Bookmakers’ Federation, the Austrian Lotteries, Austrian Ice Hockey League and a range of Austrian betting providers.

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German Sport University Cologne (GER)

The German Sport University Cologne (Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln/DSHS Köln) is Germany’s largest centre of teaching and research in physical education and sport science. Today, the German Sport University Cologne has 31 full professorships and employs approximately 500 people; over 5,500 students from more than 50 countries are preparing for professional careers in sport, sport science, and other related fields.

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